Company Introduction

                                                Company Introduction

                                                Xiamen Wayou Automotive Electronic Co.,Ltd
                                                The wayou  is located in xiedao huli industrial park, huandong sea, xiamen city. Founded in 2005, it has Annual Sales of more than 50 million yuan and a factory area more than 2,300 square meters.

                                                The company's main products include electronic accelerator pedal, electronic gear shifter, electronic universal operating handle, various automotive sensors , our productivity is about 1million sets and the annual sales is amount to 0.5million sets.

                                                The company has passed the TüV quality management system of IATF16949 automobile certified by TüV SUD and VDA6.3&6.5 by TüV Rheinland in 2018 and 2019.

                                                The company has strong scientific and technological innovation ability and is a high-tech enterprise in xiamen. Currently, it is applying for a high-tech enterprise.

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