Live up to your youth, innovate forward-the company's fifteenth week speech

                                                Column:Company News Time:2020-08-20
                                                Several storms, several springs and autumns, we have witnessed the fifteenth anniversary of Jieou. At the age of fifteen, life is justified and youthful.

                                                Several storms, several springs and autumns, we have witnessed the fifteenth anniversary of Jieou. At the age of fifteen, life is justified and youthful. Jieou has also entered a period of youth development. We are confused about development and have ideas for change; we have Laziness and stability, we also want to be resolute and innovative.

                                                Looking back on the past, the company was just established in 2005. We were born with a calf and were not afraid of losing. We developed the first horizontal electronic throttle with a few people, a few offices, and a few electric soldering irons. We ran certifications everywhere in bus factories, transportation terminal customers, engines, and automobile exhibitions. Run business. In 2006, I went to Haicang Science and Technology Center to incubate. The first 200 accelerator pedals were ordered. All 10 employees of the company assembled the pedals overnight. After entering and exiting and entering the market of a passenger car factory, they fought for multiple rounds. In 2008, we rented the Xinyang plant. When the annual sales revenue was less than 2 million yuan, we spent 100,000 yuan to implement the TS16949 standard with the efforts of the entire company. In the same year, after the first bid of the major customer Jiangling Co., Ltd. failed. Obtaining a large order for a new project from this client can be described as perseverance, the more frustrated, the more courageous, so far the business has jumped to a new level. In 2010, our company purchased the Tongan plant and implemented technological transformations to further consolidate the company's development foundation. The company's business is booming. By 2015, the company will ship nearly 500,000 sets of accelerator pedals per year. Facing the country's strong subsidies for the development of new energy vehicles, the company has introduced new energy vehicle motor electronic control products through a joint venture, and its business energy is inclined to new energy motor electronic control. With more efforts and hard work, motor and electronic control products have also occupied a certain market. However, as the national new energy vehicle subsidies have declined sharply, market competition has become fierce, and the company itself lacks new energy motor electronic control technology, and its resource capacity does not have market matching and Independence, the company has been unable to make a profit in the new energy business sector. In the absence of core competitiveness, the company had to abandon the new energy motor electronic control business in 2019, implement business strategic adjustments, and shift its focus to automotive electronic products such as electronic throttles, sensors, and electronic gears.

                                                In the past two to three years, our company has taken some detours and missed valuable development opportunities. Time does not wait. Last year, we reorganized and adjusted the company's business philosophy and put forward the new concept of "Technical Leadership, Focus on Focus". Our company is fifteen years old, we are young, our technical and quality team is strong, the company team is growing, and we have internal new momentum. This year's sudden epidemic has brought many unfavorable factors to my country's economy and our automobile market, and market price competition has become more intense. But crises and opportunities are always accompanied by a series of national economic promotion policies and new infrastructure construction. In the first half of the year, several commercial vehicle and construction machinery customers of the company grew against the trend, which reduced the downward trend of our market to a certain extent. We have transformed, optimized, and upgraded the production site. The company has the ability to independently develop a multi-function throttle test system and online product monitoring. The throttle product has also undergone a series of platform integration. A new series of electronic gear levers has been developed to enrich product categories and improve The competitiveness of products has made new progress in the marketing of construction machinery, logistics machinery and equipment. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our technical force, and the company is setting up an online business platform to explore the after-sales service market.

                                                The company has gone all the way, thank our team for their joint efforts, thank you for having! grateful to you! We are proud to have Comrade Wu Jianmin as the representative of the founding old employees from beginning to end, and we are gratified and encouraged by Lin Yikai as the representative of the new generation of the company who is determined to create. There is a gradient in our team, we are united and forge ahead, we are actively seeking new breakthroughs and growth. The current decline and difficulties are only short-term and temporary. We have accumulated a lot of accumulation, rewarded our diligence, and faced difficulties. Young people need to overcome conservativeness, act more and find less excuses, overcome standard hilltopism, take more responsibility, and be brave to pioneer Enterprising.

                                                We Jieou is fifteen years old, and we will continue to move forward, as young, we shall dance against the wind and be passionate! I sincerely wish that our Jieou will last forever! I sincerely wish our Jieou employees success and happiness in their work!

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